Outfit of the Day! - The “how long can I put off getting a root canal?" edition.

Spoiler Alert: Time’s up. I have to get my first root canal tomorrow before my teeth start to form alliances and formulate a plan to blow up my brain, since it’s already well established that they apparently hate me. It’s war, a**holes. 

Red Cords: Gap - $7.99 (Mega super clearance sale, obviously)

Lace Overlay Sweater: From some tiny, not even a real store, in my mom’s ho-down town in WI. This was literally the only cute item, and I had a gift card. Whooo sweater! You’re kind of itchy, but you’re cute enough, man. $28.99

Woven Brown Belt: Thrift - 1.99

Shoes: Thrift -$7.99 - Did you see that they are Vintage Soffts?! When I found these for 8 dollars when I was thrifting I nearly had a joyous panic attack. Obviously I had to take a clear picture of them as my disgusting bathroom leg/foot picture does not do them justice.

Ok, this is long, I love you all - none of you are jerks like my back molar. xo (p.s. - click the photos to see them in full size, which includes the second photo fully displaying the pant/shoe)

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